Project activities continue in Sailershausen Forest

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While we are waiting for the winter to pass in the Italian demonstration area to resume field activities planned by the project, in Germany, more precisely in the forest of Sailershausen, researchers from Würzburg University, organized the launch event of Life SPAN dedicated to German stakeholders.

Given the restrictions still in place, the day was held entirely outdoors, giving all participants the opportunity to visit the SHS present in the forest and discuss with the project team the management proposals implemented to integrate the conservation of saproxylic biodiversity without impact negatively on timber production and other ecosystem services.

Few weeks ago, a team from European Forest Institute (EFI) was also in Sailershausen to set up the “Marteloscope” envisaged by the project.

Do you know what a Marteloscope is?

It is an area of 1 hectare of surface in which each tree over 7 cm in diameter has been measured and recorded within a system that attributes, based on its characteristics, a value in economic terms and biodiversity. All the information is collected by software that allows testing of different types of intervention, transforming the forest into an open-air classroom where to discuss and simulate the results of the various management solutions.

The LIFE SPAN project will provide two of them, one for each demonstration site!


Project Manager
Bruno De Cinti
National Research Council - Research Institute on Terrestrial Ecosystems
Area della Ricerca Roma 1
Strada Provinciale 35d, km. 0,700
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