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Senescent island: results from LIFE ManFor C.BD.

Senescent island: results from LIFE ManFor C.BD.

On the YouTube channel of Compagnia delle Foreste is now available a video that shows some results from LIFE ManFor C.BD. project. The project tested the efficiency of multifunctional forest management solutions (to improve carbon storage capacity from atmospheric CO2, biodiversity, production, protection), providing data, guidelines and best practices.

One of these best practices regards the realization of “senescent island”, forest plot where interventions are put in place to increase the quantity and type of deadwood with consequences on microhabitats and biodiversity availability. The area showed in the video is within the Cansiglio Forest, one of the demonstration sites where soon we will realize the SHS (Saproxylic Habitat Sites) network foreseen in LIFE SPAN project.



Project Manager
Bruno De Cinti
National Research Council - Research Institute on Terrestrial Ecosystems
Area della Ricerca Roma 1
Strada Provinciale 35d, km. 0,700
00010 Montelibretti (Roma)

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LIFE SPAN project (LIFE19 NAT/IT/000104) is co-funded by the EU LIFE Programme